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I really like your idea and feel like it could have potential in the market, especially for a user who is especially concerned about the health of their pets. I think this relates to a relatively good-sized target market. Your post overall was good as far as images go, but I didn't see any descriptions for any of them. It would have been nice to hear some more of your thoughts on why you chose the product you did, not just because it had the most pluses on the chart. Your final sketch is great and does a good job at portraying how the product would actually be made, which is very helpful in visualizing it. Finally, your video was short and to the point. I think it would have benefited the viewer to give some initial research data (i.e. "this study showed that people would be willing to pay X for this product"), which would have made your argument even stronger. Overall good job, and I look forward to seeing your final pitch in class.

Your post is clear and two the point. I know you mocked up a prototype for the elevator speech on Tuesday, I wish there would have been a photo of that in this post. I think it would have been a great detail to add.

As a dog lover and owner, I agree that this product is a great. The little boots that are on the market on now are impossible to get on a dog who is not cooperating. Your project seems more user friendly.

Overall, great product and blog!

It would be nice if you explained your process more in this post! The images are super clear though, so that helps quite a bit.

Your video explains why you created the paw claw really well, but could use a bit more description of the product itself; this is tough in the 30-60 seconds though. Your real presentation showed it well though!

Nice work!

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