U Librarians support the teaching, learning, outreach and research missions of the Carlson School of Management--

 U Librarians can help you by:

    • Selecting new books, textbooks, videos/DVDs, computer software, and journals for the library collection that support curriculum and research needs
    • Assisting faculty and staff with literature reviews for grants/contracts
    • Creating web pages for faculty that link students to relevant information resources (CourseLib pages) and designing assignments that teach students how to find and manage information
    • Teaching classes for students/faculty/staff on how to access and use library resources such as scholarly journal article indexes,  RefWorks, and PowerPoint to name a few.  More information at: http://www.lib.umn.edu/registration/
    • Keeping faculty/staff/students up-to-date on new library resources and policies through regular communication
    • Collaborating on projects that utilize business information - we're ready to work with you on your project!

If you would like more information on how our subject librarians can assist you with your information needs, contact us at: busref@umn.edu or through my personal email address: 


Judy Wells




New books are available in Wilson Library---

New books in accounting and finance are listed at:


Let me know if there are additional resources that you need--


Judy Wells

Business Librarian



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