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Sewer Systems divide Golden Valley citizens

A new sewer maintenance plan in Golden Valley has defined mayoral and council races, the Star Tribune reports. The plan, which requires all citizens to have their sewer systems assessed before a property can be sold, has cost some citizens up to $13,000.

The program is intended to stop the flow of clear water and storm water into the city's sewer system. While some have suggested cheaper fixes, such as sump pump repair/disconnection, officials claim that the unusually old Golden Valley sewer systems require more maintenance.

The rising price of has become a central and divisive issue in the upcoming mayoral election. "Why don't the residents of Minnetonka get assessed?" Jeffrey Beck said in an interview with the Minnesota Sun. "Golden Valley is the only city with a program like this. It doesn't help out homeowners."

Of course, he also admitted that he boils his own water before drinking it.