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Bachmann's lips land her in national spotlight

First term Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann has been making national news since the State of the Union on Tuesday - and its not for her legislative work.

Bachmann made headlines when she intercepted President Bush for an autograph as he walked up the aisle after his speech. After getting the autograph, she proceded to grip his shoulder for a full 24 seconds before she reeled him in for a big kiss on the cheek.

The Star Tribune reported that the Bachmann/Bush encounter kept bloggers and radio commentators busy Wednesday. Local TV station KSTP posted a video clip of the kiss on their website and said by the end of the day, it had been viewed over 400,000 times.

In a Pioneer Press article, KSTP news director Chris Berg said the station was surprised at how popular the video was.

"The 'Morning Show' people are the ones who put it in the newscast and did a quick story on it because it was just unusual to see a sitting congresswoman have her hand on a president's shoulder for such a long time," Berg said. "And that just struck a chord with (anchor and reporter) Tom Hauser and our executive producer."