60 and going strong

The piece about Meryl Streep in Vanity Fair is a profile. It's only the preview for the story that will be in the next issue, but it still notes a number of exciting times in Streep's career.

The one thing I found interesting was how much they talked about Streep's age. She's 60, which apparently is very old for Hollywood.

One of the headers in the preview states, "There is no work for women over 40 in Hollywood." For this, she's broken a glass ceiling in Hollywood.

They say that because of her talent that she should restrict her work to dramatic roles. 

Streep has accumulated more Oscar and Golden Globe nominations than I can count on my fingers and toes!

People seem to think she doesn't have a lighter side because of the more serious movies she's been in, which would make you laugh if you've seen Mamma Mia! or if you recognized her voice over work on the animated show King of the Hill.

One of the last items they note is that there is no money in making movies for women, particularly older ones. Streep says it's not just about the money. "I'm very f---ing grateful to be alive. I have so many friends who are sick or gone, and I'm here. Are you kidding? No complaints!" Streep said.

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