Evaluating A Paddle Sports Participation Report

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I spent some time reading a survey report done on paddling participation by the Outdoor Industry Association and decided to do a light evaluation. The 41,500 interviews were carried out online from a nationwide sample from a Synovate panel holding over one million respondents maintained to be representative of the US population. The survey was conducted in January and February. I wonder how asking questions about paddling participation during the coldest months of the year compares to asking during the warmest months? Is it easy to remember how often and how long your trips were from last season? Does sentiment towards the activity change when you are not able to participate for another several months? For a sport whose participatin is 5% of the US population, the survey had a confidence interval of +/- .21% at a 95% percent confidence level. This is pretty good for a sample that requires pretty serious weighting and extrapolation.

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