Insights from Social Media Analytics Seminar

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I participated in viewing the social media analytics seminar that was recommended. This arrived at a very coincidental moment. A good friend of mine and I are paid to manage social media strategies and have decided to merge our accounts, develop a brand for our own social media marketing agency (Mountain Jay Marketing) and use our combined force to attract another couple clients. Currently I manage two restaurants in Chicago - Rivers and Rittergut Wine Bar - and he manages the official and affiliated pages for Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado. Ironically the only client we have in our own state is our fraternity's social media property, which is some of our favorite work but we do it for free. This is an interesting testament to the changing work environment of social media: there are no geographic boundaries. The entire web connected world has become a qualified sales prospect. The three major uses of social media according to the presenter were communication & collaboration, consumer engagement and analytics. The first two, for my partner and for our clients are generally the only thing we pay attention to. You would think our clients would ask about analytics more but even they are generally only concerned with volume of likes, interactions, followers and hoping it translates into more dinners sold and lift tickets scanned. The presenter continued by saying that there are still no definite key performance indicators for measuring consumer sentiment towards a brand. Based on minor experience, I agreed. What became really exciting was his discussion of research showing that online sentiments & financial performance of brands and products. He went on the describe sentiment polarity as measured by units called sents, and how it still complex to analyze this on social media, this specific indicator is of ever growing importance in increasing the ROI on social media strategies.

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