Inspiration for New Website Monetization Strategies

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Still thinking about some of what Danielson presented a few days ago. His discussion of web analytics, particularly in measuring how consumers interact with advertisements sparked a bit of brainstorm in how I could better optimize my site for commercialization. While I have these ideas before I have begun measuring audience interaction with traditional placements on the site I still feel that I am gathering insights and making decisions based on research already done within the field. Here are some strategies I am thinking of employing and consequently measuring in search of increased impressions and CTR:
- when mentioning a piece of gear in the narrative for a specific sporting venue, I link it to the most recommended and most appropriate product on a retailer site
- when posting images to the websites social media pages I can tag the brand or use tags to link retailers who provide the product in the picture
- develop wishlists of the perfect assortment of gear that new users to the site need to begin participating in a specific sport, suggest specific products, brands, and retailers and include an action that uploads our list directly to Amazon
- crowdsource our users to recommend the best products for Minnesota sporting environments
- have brands sponsor our trips to different venues and the content we produce from it

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