LG Global Identity & The Challenges of Developing International Campaigns

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Taemin's presentation on developing the global brand identity for LG brought me back to the experience I had with Moneygram's development of an international advertising campaign. I noticed the first major difference between these strategic communication initiatives was that LG developed three ads that would not change as they were aired around the world, a global campaign, and that Moneygram placements ran into several cultural issues where the print placements were modified in several markets, an international campaign. For "The Power Is In Your Hands" campaign, the overall sentiment was that the consumer had the opportunity to rise up and take advantage of Moneygram's lower rates and better products, revolt against the market leaders, "give choice a voice". The print spots featured close ups of raised fists and reaching hands, smooth and wrinkled, delicate and worn together. In China especially the raised fists over a red background (the brand color) print ads were seen as too uncomfortable for a country having experienced violent Communist revolution. In Middle Eastern countries the left hand is reserved for bodily hygiene and is seen as unclean. No left hands were raised in any of that market's print ads. Henna tattoos were applied to feminine hands in Indian markets and wrist watches to masculine hands in American cities. I wonder what similar challenges were faced in LG's brand identity construction?

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