The Power of Personal Interviews

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Before heading to class this morning I went through the usual morning routine of consuming the national news headlines along with my coffee. My roommates usually join. During one of the commercial breaks a spot for Duluth Trading Company ran and my buddy matter of factly told me that he would enjoy wearing socks from this brand. I couldn't help but proceed to personally interview him. Questions included, "How expensive do you think these socks are? What would you wear them for? Do you own any other products from this brand? Would you be proud of wearing them if someone asked you where you bought those socks?" This particular roommate is a spendthrift. There are not many things in life he takes more pride in than saving money. What I discovered however that he is incredibly fond of the road trips we and our best friends would take up to various family cabins on the North Shore, the adventures we had amidst the shops and miles of wooded beaches on Park Point and the generally worry free summer weeks we would spend up there. While the socks were above his preferred price point, he would not necessarily wear them for any outdoor activities, and he does not think he would purchase any other products other than the occasional flannel shirt these socks are a purchase he would be willing to make, and after being questioned believes it is because of his attitude towards his positive experiences with the city of Duluth.

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