November 3, 2005

Meeting Summary (20051103)

Outstanding Issues:

Blogging Tool - Bruce set one up for Grants.Gov. We agree that internal blog is valuable enough on its own to move forward on it.

EGMS-DEV dist list - no action.
Add Chris to EGMS-SUPPORT - We agree that Chris just needs EGMS-DEV & contact with Don Hammer/Jill Schmaedeke
Add Chris to EGMS-DEV - no action.

Change DB passwords in DEV - Allison completed.
Change DB passwords in TEST - We agreed this would be best done AFTER the new Test instance is built as it needs to be somewhat coordinated.
Response to Clark on old dblink to JaWS - We agreed this removal should be approved.

Escalate build of new Test Environment - CCO-Solaris has pushed back with regards to installation of OpenSSH on Tamarack (Sturgeon already has this). We agree that resolving this in favor of the OpenSSH installation is preferred and pressure should be exerted to remove this show-stopper from the Build Team.

Special Characters Bug - no action. Not discussed.

Set Chris up with access to Tamarack - no action.
Set Allison up with access to Sturgeon - no action. We suggested that the request be phrased to imply that this access allows developers to review logging and other application outputs without making dozens of CCO requests each day.

Import Huron's ECRT code into CVS - Paul indicated this has been done.


New Action Items:

Examples/Aliases for Builds - Paul has provided some samples of how to build applications.

Build Process - Ben's EGMSi Build Request yesterday was not performed (2nd delayed build request in 2 attempts) and asked for clarification as to expectations. We believe that the nature of our application requires greater allowances than afforded the Java applications.

Email List delays - We had some disagreement as to whether there was lag between email submissions to dist list from members of the dist list. The possibility was raised that some members of the lists might be using from their email client and this might not match what's in the dist list. As such, this account could reasonably be considered to be a non-member and thus the delay might exist to/from this user. Each member of EGMS-SUPPORT should take responsibility to verify their settings.

Dividing up primary responsibility for the various EGMSi applications - We agree this would be valuable in avoiding code conflict and will defer this until next Thursday. Ben will provide a list of applications.

CVS Watch - Chris recommended we look into this tool as a possible means of monitoring CVS changes. We agreed that trying to direct these changes on a project-level to the developer responsible for that application would be valuable in trying to identify build conflicts before they go to Test/Production.

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