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Fairy Tales are not real

I Was a Swiss Banker is a movie about second chances or more specifically fourth chances. In it, the main character who is trying to smuggle a large amount of money across the Swiss-German border is about to get searched and makes the decision to drive off in his Porsche. He then pulls his car over and jumps into a lake in order to escape authorities. What follows is a surreal adventure that takes him to an island in this lake where he meets an evil fairy who wants him to be her husband. She gives him the following test: he will meet three women who will fall in love with him but with whom he will not love back and if he fails to fall in love with them he will have to marry her. Through the course of these three meetings he finds that in each case he does not love them back. When the fairy finds him, he asks for one last chance and she reluctantly grants it to him. In the final scenario involving a beautiful diver who rescues him from the depths he does in fact fall in love with her and in the ending scene one learns that they are pregnant.

I started thinking about the relationships that I have been in and I wonder how many chances I will get before I have to marry the evil fairy. It always seems like one of the two parties involved becomes disenchanted with the relationship. The thing which frustrates me the most is that I am unable to figure out who it is…even if I am dumped I wonder to which degree I am responsible. Perhaps, I give off some sign that I am losing interest in the relationship and then consequently they only react to this sign. I know that even if that were the case I still remain attached to the relationship and have some difficulty moving on. But what is it that I am having trouble getting over? Is it the fact that I “have someone? and can avoid the loneliness that neither alcohol nor hard work has the power to cure. That type of relationship is obviously not love and sometimes I wonder if I am just to afraid to be alone and instead hold on meaninglessly trying to avoid going back down there. Other times I find myself in the opposite scenario, that of the person who can no longer accept the status quo and either demands that things change or I can no longer be in that relationship. In putting relationships in these terms, they seem like they are often contradictory, in that the one who cares most about the relationship and the other person is often the one who leaves. The character in the movies succeeds at falling in love and as such does not have to marry the evil fairy. On the other hand, one wonders how long his love will last. The fairy tale of romance is definitely not alive in Europe or America as evidenced by the sky-high divorce rates in both regions. One wonders if the fairy will indeed win in the end. Furthermore, one wonders what the fairy actually symbolizes. I believe that she symbolizes giving up, throwing down your cards and just accepting the status quo, in other words living in a loveless relationship. If that is the case then I have already married the fairy several times, and somehow got her to give me another chance.