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As I read " Doing Justice to Someone" by Judith Butler, I cannot help but agree with her that a lot of important things such as values and norm have been decided in advance for us. We are conditioned from young age to behave and act certain way pertaining to gender. Girls are taught to play with certain toys and dress up certain way because that is accepted behavior for that gender. However, when a girl or boy engages in an activity that is considered a taboo for that gender by society, they are perceived as if there is something wrong with them. This is what happened to Brenda(David) when she was caught urinating while standing and as result she was threatened.In public and private we are coached incessantly to conduct ourselves in ways that fit with the norm. Furthermore, failing to comply with societal norms can be emotionally and physically damaging to one's self. People have hard time understanding and accepting ideas,lifestyles, and cultures that are not aligned with the norm. It is not that majority of these people are narrow-minded but it is the dominant culture that dictates what is or not acceptable and it is difficult to break from that. When you look at the meat market from " I know what I am" reading, you are able to see behaviors and lifestyles that are frowned on by our society. For example, the sex workers are combination of fem queens and butch queens who were born men but present themselves as women when working. In our society such behaviors and lifestyles are considered shameful but to the sex workers it is acceptable.

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