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Mobile devices can access Ebsco two ways. One is to use the icon found on the UMC database page

The second way is to install the Iphone,Ipad or Android app. To do this requires that you use the link at the bottom of any Ebsco database
ebsco link.PNG
After installing the app on your device, it must be authenticated from the EBSCOhost or EBSCO Discovery Service interface. This is a one time process.

To authenticate the EBSCOhost app:

Log into EBSCOhost.
Click the EBSCOhost iPhone and Android Applications link at the bottom of the page and enter your email address.
ebsco link.PNG
An email with an authentication key is sent to you.
Access the email from your device and click the link found in the email to authenticate the application.
You have 24 hours to access the key from your device to authenticate the app. If the key is not used within 24 hours, it expires andand you will need a new key.

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