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ISI's Web of Knowledge is a site that combines search access to Biosis Previews, Biological Abstracts and the Web of Science. The mobile site is at http://m.webofknowledge.com.libproxy.umcrookston.edu This mobile site is aimed at the phone users. A tablet would be better off using the full site in most cases.

The standard Web of Knowledge site does not recognize mobile browsers as such so the Web of Knowledge mobile site must be accessed directly. Access to full text and links requires authentication either by IP (on campus) or username/password log in (off campus),

When outside the universities IP range the proxy http://m.webofknowledge.com.libproxy.umcrookston.edu
works well.

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I wish to know why the access to web of Knowledge is suddenly denied, Saturday 12/21/ 2013. Is there any reason??.

Thanking you

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