New - UMC Library Digital Archive home page

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UMC Library Digital Archive home page has become the gateway to the materials digitized by the UMC Library. The digital collection has been divided into two parts: UMC & Northwest School of Agriculture materials and materials relating to Polk County, Minnesota History.

UMC & Northwest School of Agriculture  collection  includes the following publications: Commencement - 1909-2007Commentator - 1966-1979Cycle - 1895-1968Fourth Estate - 1991-1997Gleanings - 1895-1995New Student Directory - 1993-2003Northwest Monthly - 1916-1968Yearbooks - 1910-2000

Polk County, Minnesota collection includes the following publications: 75 Years of the Red River Valley Winter Shows - 1910-1985, A Tale of Two Valleys - 1951Bicentennial History of Polk County, Minnesota Pioneers of the Valley - 1976,  Centennial History of Polk County - 1858-1958, Crookston 90 Years - 1879-1969Compendium of History and Biography of Polk County, Minnesota - 1916.,   Footprints of Yesterday - 1879-1979,    NW Minnesota Land of Prosperity - 1915,   Warren...Plains to Plenty - 1880-1980

There  is a search box on each of the pages to help locate specific information.

New - Centennial History of Polk County

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Centennial History of Polk County

May 11, 1958, marked the centennial for Minnesota's admission to statehood. The Polk County Centennial was observed concurrently with the Minnesota Statehood Centennial.

The Polk County Board of County Commissioners funded various centennial observances. One project funded was an update the county history. T. M. McCall was given the responsibility of selecting a committee to work out the historical assignment. This work the CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF POLK COUNTY is the result. The history is intended to be a supplement to the 1916 History and Biography of Polk County. Polk County Board of County Commissioners granted permission to digitize this document and make it available.

New - 75 Years of the Red River Valley Winter Show

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75 Years of the Red River Valley Winter Show

This history of the Red River Valley Winter Shows was published as a part of the 75th anniversary celebration at the Winter Show. It is more than chronological recording of dates and events. It tries to capture the dreams. efforts, successes, and failures of people on the land of northwestern Minnesota, and to incorporate the history of the institutions that developed to serve agriculture. 

Digitizing Polk County Histories

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The UMC Library has digitized two more texts 

Maj. R. I. Holcombe, historical editor, William H. Bingham, general editor.
Published Minneapolis, W. H. Bingham & co., 1916.


Pioneers of the Valley 
Polk County Historical Society.1976 
Dallas, Tex. : Taylor Pub. Co.

Gleanings, the history of the first 100 years of the Northwest Experiment Station, Crookston, is a thirty four page document  which gathers information, photographs, and other materials from many sources to trace the history of the first 100 years of the Northwest Experiment Station, Crookston and the change in the relationship to the farmers starting from the original "extension" concept to its development as a research center. The link to the  thirty four page document is at:

Link to the web site and individual pages is at:



New digital project -- CYCLE

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Cycle -- A chronicle of the Northwest School of Agriculture and Experiment Station, 1895 - 1968  is a recent UMC Library Digitization project. As the subtitle indicates it is a history of the Northwest Experiment Station and the Northwest School of Agriculture. The publications is thirty two pages long.

The rotating display consists of team photographs of the Men's and Women's basket ball  teams.  Back in those days basket ball was two words.

Single Search for Northwest Monthly and Yearbooks

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We added a new Seach on the new Digital Projects Page which searches the combined content of the Northwest Monthly and the Yearbooks sites.  This can be a time saver when you need to search both to gather information,



The 1912 through 1929 Yearbooks volumes added

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The UMC Library was able to get rare copies of the earliest Yearbooks and convert each page to a .pfd document.   These were then combined into a single volume and optomized for web viewing. The 1,526 individual pages were loaded onto the website to enable more precise search results, all search terms will be found on a single page.

3,443 Individual Pages added to Northwest Monthly Collection

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In order to make search results more usable we added each individual page from each of the issues scanned to the Northwest Monthyly website.  The effect is that Instead of getting a four or eight page document with the search terms somewhere in it you now get the specific page where your search tems occur.