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UMC Library Digital Archive home page has become the gateway to the materials digitized by the UMC Library. The digital collection has been divided into two parts: UMC & Northwest School of Agriculture materials and materials relating to Polk County, Minnesota History.

UMC & Northwest School of Agriculture  collection  includes the following publications: Commencement - 1909-2007Commentator - 1966-1979Cycle - 1895-1968Fourth Estate - 1991-1997Gleanings - 1895-1995New Student Directory - 1993-2003Northwest Monthly - 1916-1968Yearbooks - 1910-2000

Polk County, Minnesota collection includes the following publications: 75 Years of the Red River Valley Winter Shows - 1910-1985, A Tale of Two Valleys - 1951Bicentennial History of Polk County, Minnesota Pioneers of the Valley - 1976,  Centennial History of Polk County - 1858-1958, Crookston 90 Years - 1879-1969Compendium of History and Biography of Polk County, Minnesota - 1916.,   Footprints of Yesterday - 1879-1979,    NW Minnesota Land of Prosperity - 1915,   Warren...Plains to Plenty - 1880-1980

There  is a search box on each of the pages to help locate specific information.

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