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January 9, 2007

New Equipment for Students

The UMC Library has added additional equipment to its collection for UMC Student use. This equipment is housed at the Library. We have a web page with a list of the items and links to more information.
We added:
• Six (6) Canon PowerShot A540 digital cameras.
• Canon PowerShot S3 IS digital camera.
• Two New WebCams
• Four new 2GB Jump Drives
• Crucial Technology Multislot Card Readers
• Sony noise cancelling headphones
• Seagate 160GB Portable External Hard Drive.
• Two Wireless notebook Presenter Mice
• Two Olympus Digital Voice Recorders VS 100
• Two Canon CanoScan Lide 600F Scanners
• Canon High-speed Document Scanner DR-2050C
• IRIS pen scanner
• Station for videotape to DVD transfers
• Sony Digital Video Recorder and monitor to transfer from video the Sony Handycam to a standard VCR tape or DVD.

The new equipment was funded in part by the UMC Technology Committee and a special grant from the UMC Administration.

New Digital Cameras

We added six (6) Canon PowerShot A540 digital cameras. These are Compact 6.0 Megapixel digital cameras with a 4x Optical Zoom lens, 2.5 inch LCD screen, 9-point AiAF and 21 Shooting Modes. These are good point and shoot cameras for most uses.

We also added Canon PowerShot S3 IS digital camera. This is a more complex camera. It is a 6.0 Megapixel digital camera with a 12x Optical Zoom and UD Lens, Optical Image Stabilizer technology and ISO 800 for steady shooting and improved sharpness and color. It can record 60 fps (320 x 240) continuous movies without switching modes, and use advanced features such as optical zooming during the movie.

Two New Digital voice recorders

We added two Olympus Digital Voice Recorders VS 100. Take the WS-100 has a very compact design and records up to 27 hours of uninterrupted sound in LP mode. Its unique design permits direct connection to a PC for quick and easy downloading of audio files and more. It records in Windows Media Audio (WMA) format lets you enjoy your recordings on any standard Windows-based PC. Great for recording study sessions and sharing the recordings

Two New WebCams

We added two new WebCams. These are Logitech QuickCam® Fusion Webcam which I a 1.3 megapixel that works well in dim, side- and back-lit situations. Has integrated microphone and face tracking which keeps your face in the center of the video frame, so you're free to move around.

Logitech QuickCam® Communicate STX which is a 640 by 480 VGA camera with an integrated microphone. It is intended to be used for video calls and to work with Skype and the various messenger services.

Four new Jump Drives

Four 2GB USB jump drives for use in UMC Library to transfer files from the Library computers. Just handy for lots of purposes.

Three Crucial Technology Multislot Card Readers

These read most memory cards used in digital cameras. They can be connected to student laptops and pictures can be transferred from the card.

Two new sets of Sony noise cancelling headphones

We added two more sets because these were being used frequently.

Seagate 160GB Portable External Hard Drive.

Seagate USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive is a small light hard drive, which can store and transport large personal and business files, including presentations, photos, music and videos. Fast performance, quiet acoustics, rugged and durable design. No power cords or adaptors required—powered by the USB bus.

Two Wireless notebook Presenter Mice

Two Microsoft wireless notebook Presenter Mice. These are wireless mice which can be used up to 30 ft from the computer as you walk around. The mouse is a integrated slide presenter on one side for advancing PowerPoint slides; it has a laser pointer, and media remote control. It also operates as a regular mouse.

Two Olympus Digital Voice Recorders VS 100

These voice recorders have 64MB of internal memory for hours of recording. They have direct PC link capability, allowing you to plug the recorder right into a computer, with no USB cable necessary, for easy downloading of audio, document, and image files. The file format is Media Audio (WMA) format. These are much easier to use than the old Sony voice recorder which required special software and converting of the files.

Two Canon CanoScan Lide 600F Scanners

These are higher resolution (4800 x 9600 color dpi, 48-bit color versions of our old scanners. These are for checkout. They use the USB 2.0 interface enables the faster image transfers and scanning speeds.

Canon High-speed Document Scanner DR-2050C

This is a high speed high-quality scanner, with resolution of up to 600 dpi for all your 24-bit color, grayscale, and black and-white scanning needs. It scans at speeds of up to 20 pages or 40 images per minute scanning both sides. We are setting it up as an alternative to photocopying longer documents. Scan documents as .PDF files in Adobe Acrobat and save or print them. Not for scanning photos. Not for checkout.

IRIS pen scanner

Pen scanner which connects to USB port of a notebook. It scans a line at a time. Requires special software, practice and some skill to use. Sort of works.

Station for videotape to DVD transfers

Sony Digital Video Recorder and monitor set up to transfer from the video recorder to VCR tape or DVD. Can also be used to copy personal VHS tapes to DVD. Located in the UMC Library for in library use only.

January 3, 2007

BioOne expands

BioOne (now BioOne.1) launched a second database called BioOne.2 which consists of 41 additional full text titles (List of BioOne.2 titles and publishers). These are specialized journals, many international, which have not been available online. The UMC Library has added this second database to its research collection. By default UMC users will search both databases when they access the site.

BioOne is a collection of the full text articles from bioscience research journals published by small societies and non-commercial publishers. These consist of journals which were available only in print. BioOne focuses on the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.

The UMC FindIt service can link from citation found in one of non full text databases to the full text in BioOne.