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January 30, 2009

State and Federal Income Tax forms are in

The UMC Library participates in the Minnesota, North Dakota and Federal library tax forms deposit program. These forms are kept next the Library Circulation desk. Generally there are packets, forms and instructions booklets as well as selected individual income forms.

These forms and many others are also available on the internet.

Federal forms:

IRS information about free tax preparation software and free eFile:

Minnesota forms:
Includes on screen fill in forms.

North Dakota forms:
Includes on screen fill in forms.

Links to forms for other states:

January 20, 2009

New Martin Luther King Jr. Videos

The UMC Library added three new dvds to its collection of video materials on Martin Luther King, Jr. and which collect his speaches:

V-2866 UM CROOKSTON Library Video
King go beyond the dream to discover the man. (2008) Beacham, Tim, Keenan, Tom, Guy, Shoshana, Brokaw, Tom, NBC News, History Channel (Television network), Arts and Entertainment Network, and New Video Group New York, NY : A&E Television Networks.

V-2864 UM CROOKSTON Library Video
Been to the mountaintop. (2006) King, Martin Luther and SpeechWorks (Firm) Rolling Bay, WA : SpeechWorks.

V-2865 UM CROOKSTON Library Video
Citizen King. (2004) Bagwell, Orlando, Walker, W. Noland, Kambon, Camara, Young, Andrew, Branch, Taylor, Chin, Michael, Barteski, Ed, Boucicaut, Jean-Philippe, Grimberg, Sharon, ROJA Productions, British Broadcasting Corporation, WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.), and PBS Home Video Alexandria, VA : PBS Home Video.

For details of the contents of these new videos and the others in the UMC Library Collection of Martin Luther King, Jr. videos.