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New Preschool Online Resources

UMC Library provides two online resources for use with preschool and early elementary children.

Britannica Preschool Learning Zone is a classroom-tested, interactive learning environment designed specifically for the needs of ages 4 to 7.

Kids InfoBits is Gale's database designed for students in kindergarten through grade five. Complete with a developmentally appropriate graphic interface and quality reference content Kids InfoBits addresses the way kids learn and conduct research.

Britannica Preschool Learning Zone is an Online Resource for Early-Childhood Learning gives early learners enjoyable, engaging, and developmentally appropriate activities to help grow their minds, their spirits, and their intellectual horizons.

It has an interactive atlas, online art activities, interactive games and learning materials, audio and video, and vocabulary builders teach concepts that children are curious about, such as geography, numbers, colors, time, and sounds.

Related to the Curriculum\
Activities and materials teach the same concepts taught in the classroom and build skills in science, language arts, math, and social studies.

Teacher Tools
A comprehensive Teacher's Guide is included with ideas on how to incorporate Learning Zone into your lesson plans. Get ideas on how to review and produce reports on student progress too.

Gale's Kids InfoBits has a graphical interface aimed at kindergarten through grade two.

Younger students often can't narrow their topic to a single word or phrase; or, if they can, may have trouble spelling it. Kids InfoBits addresses this from the first screen with a lively, icon-rich topic tree that enables children to click on it and drill down from a broad topic to a narrowly-focused one. Not only does this simplify research, it also helps students visualize the research process.

Kids InfoBits encourages young students to research and find information by applying a proven method to their work -- keep it simple. Colorful graphics guide students through levels of information and a straightforward keyword/subject search guides more experienced young researchers to the information they need quickly.

Kids InfoBits makes searching fun and easy with a colorful, graphic interface or a simple subject search that places the emphasis on successful searches that allow children to spend time enjoying and learning from the answers they found themselves.

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