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New Equipment @ Library - Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen

The UMC Library has acquired a Livescribe's Pulse Smartpen .
The Pulse Smartpen is is part pen, part voice recorder, and part graphic tablet. The Pulse captures what you write and what you hear simultaneously and synchronizes the writing and audio, so when you tap a particular word, you can hear what was being said when you wrote it.


For the Pulse to record your pen strokes, you must write on the included digital paper, or dot paper, which has a background of tiny dots. A small infrared camera above the pen point visually records your strokes across this digital paper and stores it in the pen's 2GB of internal memory. the pen syncs with your laptop using the Livescribe Desktop application and transfers the handwritten notes or drawings and audio on the pen to your computer.

We are going to work on privacy issues and other potential problems with those who want to try the pen out. You will want to upload that you have transcribed and delete the information form the pen's memory. You can see that it has great potential. Give it a try.

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