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April 22, 2010

Earth Day - UMC Library now delivers ILL articles electronically

UMC Library has made the switch to delivering requested InterLibrary Loan articles electronically. Prior to this we had printed the artilces off and held them for pickup. We are now converting them to .pdf format and delivering them electronically.

You no longer need to come to the library to pickup articles you have requested just click the link and download.

It is paperless -- Good for the environment.

We are using software which uploads the articles as .pdf documents to a secure server and sends you an email with a link to download the artilce. This gets around problems with some email systems and large documents. The system also scans the document for viruses before downloading it. .pdf documents are a growing source for viruses.

Faster and more secure.

April 20, 2010

Elsevier eBooks Added to UMC Onlne Catalog

Among the more than 1000 titles added to the UMC Library catalog are: Smart buildings systems for architects, owners and builders, Pet photography, Groundwater hydrology of springs, Methods in stream ecology , Relationship marketing in sports, Marketing communications in tourism and hospitality, Entrepreneurship and small business management in the hospitality industry, and Mobile technology for children.

The UMC Library Catalog record links to the full text of the book divided by chapters. The chapters are standard .pdf files. These are not eBook reader books.

UMC Online catalog is divided into two databases - one with books and videos located in the physical library called Crookston Catalog - On Campus Materials and a second database which also includes online books and journal titles and is called Crookston Catalog Plus Internet Resources. The new Elsevier titles are only found using the Crookston Catalog Plus Internet search.

The eBook world is changing and the access is becoming easier and more natural.

April 15, 2010

New Videocams - Flip Cameras & Helmet Cams

The UMC Library has added four new video cameras to its equipment available for student checkout.
Two are the Flip personal digital video cameras. They are very small and connect to your laptop using a built in USB connection. Very easy to use and upload.

Two are "helmet cams" small rugged waterproof Oregon Scientific digital cameras. These have accessories that permit the camera to be attached to a bicycle, helmet, canoe or the like. They are also easy to use (buttons require some pressure to press because of the water proofing). They are outdoor cameras so indoor light may not be sufficient. When installed on your helmet they make a daring fashion statement.