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May 12, 2010

Where is the "helmet cam" this week?

The UMC Library's Oregon Scientific Action video camera aka "helmet cam" is off to Canada to do some rock climbing this week. The camera attaches to bikes, atvs, canoes, and helmets so we expect that it will have fun summer.

Check it out yourself.

May 11, 2010

EndNote Web - Free and Easy Bibliographies

Wouldn't you like to automatically transfer the author, title, and citation information directly to software and create a database of your research without typing the information? That is exactly what Endnote Web (Thomson Reuters) does. It is especially useful for big projects or ongoing research.

Students, faculty and staff can create and access an EndNote Web account for free as part of the UMC Library's Biosis subscription. You must be on campus to Sign Up for an account. There is a useful getting started guide on the homepage..

You can transfer and organize citations directly from some databases (Ebsco and Biosis). For some databases you can save the citations and import them into Endnote Web (Proquest, Gale, PubMed). An easy process. Give it a try.

Endnote also has a PC based version which can be purchased at a discount by students.