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January 23, 2012

How to "check out" eBooks

You can download eBooks for offline use from two of our largest eBook collections eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) and ebrary Academic Complete. There are more than 80,000 books from major publishers available to your reading and research.

The UMC Library has eBook page detailing how to download eBooks for offline use. Rather than reading eBooks online on your computer you can download the entire book to read offline on your computer or on your tablet (iPad or Android) or mobile device.

Websites for mobile access

Some of UMC Library's databases provide access to their resources using a website designed for mobile devices. Many of these sites recognize that access is through a mobile phone or tablet and switch to the mobile site automatically.

Some of the mobile sites require some sort of authentication before a mobile user can access the full text from the mobile device. The links below provide the details for access to the mobile site and where available how to authenticate for access to the text of an article.

Annual Reviews --- UMC has access to entire backfile
BioOne Access to full site requires "pairing of device"
IEEE Xplore - Full text access requires special URL.
IEEE Spectrum: Technology & Science News is a science news mobile site.
JSTOR beta site which provides access and permits email of full text link
Scifinder Chemistry database

January 20, 2012

iPhone or Android apps for UMC Resources

Most of our major databases and journal collections have mobile apps which let you access the resource from your phone or tablet. The apps can be used to keep on the latest publication (using saved searches) or by checking the content of a particular journal. You can email references to yourself or others. Most sites permit you to save articles in the app. Below is a list of resources with links to instructions for installing. These apps give access to full text and require some sort of authentication as a part of installation.

Gale ---- Provides access to Gale databases
Ebsco ---- Provides access to Ebsco databases
ScienceDirect ---- Provides access to ScienceDirect journals
SciVerse ScienceDirect Premium ---- Provides access to ScienceDirect journals
Springer ---- Provides access to Springer journals

January 13, 2012

New Software - ZBrush 4R2 & AutoDesk Education Suite



The UMC Library has added new design software to provide access to students in support several classes. The computer is marked with a sign with the logos of the software.

January 11, 2012

Tax Forms Online

The UMC Library participates in the Federal tax forms deposit program. The IRS is no longer sending out packets with the forms needed to file to individuals. We get a few forms and the a copy of Your Federal Income tax booklet. The forms are online. The UMC Library's print forms are kept near the Library Circulation desk.
North Dakota and Minnesota forms are online as are the Federal forms.

For many filing online is free.
IRS information about free tax preparation software and free eFile:
Free File

Tax forms are available online:
Federal forms:
http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html. The IRS is not mailing out booklets of paper forms to last years filers.
Minnesota forms: http://taxes.state.mn.us/individ/pages/forms.aspx Includes on screen fill in forms.
North Dakota forms:
Includes on screen fill in forms. Information about free electronic filing for those quailifed is at http://www.nd.gov/tax/indincome/elecfiling/
Links to forms for other states:

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage - New database


Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage contains industries surveys with information on public companies including stock reports, annual reports, and other detailed financial statistics. NetAdvantage provides access to S&P investment services screening directories for stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well as directories of private companies and the Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives.

January 6, 2012

Download of eBooks for offline use - Authorizing

You can download eBooks for offline use in two of our largest eBook collections eBook Collection (EBSCOhost): and ebrary Academic Complete. Both vendors require that you install Adobe Digital Editions to view and store the books offline. To install Digital Editions follow the instructions on the Adobe Digital Editions website.
Authorizing Adobe Digital Editions:
After installation of Digital Editions, the Setup Assistant wizard prompts you to activate Adobe Digital Editions (you must be online during this process). During activation, you have the option to authorize your computer with an Adobe ID. If you don't have an Adobe ID, creating one is free and only takes a minute. The Adobe ID enables you to check out eBooks protected by digital rights management (DRM)
Getting an Adobe ID
Create an Adobe ID
. Fill in the form with your information.

eBooks - download to your computer

For both Ebsco and ebrary require an user account and Adobe Digital Editions.
To create an EBSCO account:
-- While on the campus network go to eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) and click the "Sign in" link on the upper right of a record. On the Sign In to My EBSCOhost page, click the "Create a new Account" link.
Fill in the information requested.

-- ebrary requires that you login using your internet username and password. Your account is already created using the login.
Download an eBook title directly to your computer.
Go the UMC Library homepage and select UMC Library Database page and scroll down and choose either ebrary Academic Complete or eBook Collection (EBSCOhost): Search and find a book you want to check out. While viewing the book online select the Download option. The download option will open the "Open With" dialog and Adobe Digital Editions as the default. It takes a few minutes to download the book.

Checkout period is usually 7 or 14 days which is generally set by the book publisher.

ebrary IOS (iPhone, iPad) eBook app

ebrary has an app for accessing and using ebrary resources which can be found in the App Store.

Because UMC Library has a customized sign in process for ebrary, you will be only able to signin to ebrary's Mobile App by using the Facebook login feature.
To set up your Facebook login link for ebrary:

Sign in to your ebrary account as usual. Once signed in, click the "My Settings" link at the top-right of the ebrary screen. Under "Link your account to Facebook", click "Log In" If you have a Facebook account, enter your Facebook username and password and click "Log In"

If you don't have a Facebook account, click "Sign up for Facebook" at the lower left. Once you've successfully logged in to your Facebook account, you'll be set to use ebrary's Mobile App.

The first time you log in to the ebrary app you will be required to authorize the app using your Acobe ID

Download eBooks to your iPad or Android device

You can download an eBook title to your Apple iOS and Android devices directly from your mobile device's web browser. Both ebrary Academic Complete and eBook Collection (EBSCOhost): permit the download of the entire book for a limited time into to Apple iOS and Android readers. Bluefire Reader is one application available for Apple iOS and Android devices. This application must be authorized on you device using the Adobe ID. When you have found a eBook in one of the collections select the Download option and the "Open In" dialog box will default to Bluefile Reader as one option.

In addition ebrary Academic Complete has an option to the download a range of pages or an entire chapter as a standard .pdf file. These pdf files can be read in many mobile apps. You should be able to save and read the pdf file to a Nook, a Kindle Fire and an iPad, iPhone or other IOS devices.

Getting an Adobe ID
Create an Adobe ID. Fill in the form with your information.