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Tax Forms Online

The UMC Library participates in the Federal tax forms deposit program. The IRS is no longer sending out packets with the forms needed to file to individuals. We get a few forms and the a copy of Your Federal Income tax booklet. The forms are online. The UMC Library's print forms are kept near the Library Circulation desk.
North Dakota and Minnesota forms are online as are the Federal forms.

For many filing online is free.
IRS information about free tax preparation software and free eFile:
Free File

Tax forms are available online:
Federal forms:
http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html. The IRS is not mailing out booklets of paper forms to last years filers.
Minnesota forms: http://taxes.state.mn.us/individ/pages/forms.aspx Includes on screen fill in forms.
North Dakota forms:
Includes on screen fill in forms. Information about free electronic filing for those quailifed is at http://www.nd.gov/tax/indincome/elecfiling/
Links to forms for other states:

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