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September 25, 2006

The Man Behind The Blog

Hi My name is Michael Jamison. I from Chicago, IL and now I attended the University Of Minnesota. I love playing basketball and watching comedy. At the U I study Architecture, which is the reason you are reading this short bio now. new jordan.jpg


Being new to the Minneapolis area, I have experience trouble with bus routes and times of the Metro-Transit bus. I have notice that some of the bus stops don't have adequate information about bus times nor routes. This is a huge social issue since many tourists visit Minnesota and since Minneapolis host a enormous University. Another problem is the campus connectors. On weekends the campus connectors runs every 30 minutes, however there is no set time. For example, if I just walked out of the recreational center I wouldn't know if I just miss the bus or if one is on its way.
Some of the suggestions I would make to the transportation would be to have creative and descriptive maps at each Metro-Transit bus stops. This maps would illustrate the routes, times, and buses you should catch to get from point A to B. As for the campus connector each bus stop should have valid times each buses will come. For instances; 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, etc.

Phone Pictures.jpg
Sample of the Campus Connector Guide

September 18, 2006

Midtown Market

Energy is the potential for causing change. At the Midtown Market I saw a store that represented a community. It was a place were young and old came together to fellowship and barter. The energy at the market represent economy and history. History in the since of the old-fashioned markets of "barrio" nieghborhoods. History is also resemled through the homemade items sold at the market and the tokens used to purchased the items with. The store sells everything; fruits, flowers, handmade items, shirts, and paintings. Every item sold at the market shows the energy of the community. For example, environmental booths offer information about upcoming events in the community. The Midtown Market has potential for change. However my ideas for this change would be conservative, mainly because I like the affect the market has with the community. I would only probably change the design of the market, giving it a more wholesome look.

midtown market 3.jpg midtown market 1.jpg Midtown market 2.jpg midtown market 4.jpg midtown market 5.jpg midtown market 6.jpg