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Being new to the Minneapolis area, I have experience trouble with bus routes and times of the Metro-Transit bus. I have notice that some of the bus stops don't have adequate information about bus times nor routes. This is a huge social issue since many tourists visit Minnesota and since Minneapolis host a enormous University. Another problem is the campus connectors. On weekends the campus connectors runs every 30 minutes, however there is no set time. For example, if I just walked out of the recreational center I wouldn't know if I just miss the bus or if one is on its way.
Some of the suggestions I would make to the transportation would be to have creative and descriptive maps at each Metro-Transit bus stops. This maps would illustrate the routes, times, and buses you should catch to get from point A to B. As for the campus connector each bus stop should have valid times each buses will come. For instances; 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, etc.

Phone Pictures.jpg
Sample of the Campus Connector Guide