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My Room

I considered my room the most meaningful place. My room is my comfort zone. It is full of items that resemble both who I am and where I come from. My room is considered my home away home, because of it's humble features. Consisting of Playstation 2, DVD's, and of course my laptop, my room is entertaining. However the greatest purpose of my room is to serve thee. It's overall being is to create an atmosphere were I can be me. It is where I can sleep, where I can drink, where I can sing, where I can dream, where I can work, where I can eat, where I can think... So as I concluded this reflection about this great place, I would say a room is the single most important place for an individual development. Thus saying, "there is no place like home."

Pictures of My ROOM
Phone Pictures 005.JPG Phone Pictures 006.JPG


What about your room allows you to be you? What are the windows like, the doors, the view, the noise, the hallway, etc.