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The Repeat 3 Peat

I have been a basketball fan for as long as I can remember. In too me the greatest dynasty in basketball, (and maybe in any other sport) is none other than the L.A. zappers, Portland flatteners, Phoenix mashers, Sonic boomers, and Utah jazzed. I 'm talking about non other than my Chicago Bulls. Chicago Bulls from 1990 to 1998 was a sports phenomenon. They didn't win just one championship but 6 in the span of 8 years. Not to mentioned having the best record (1995-1996) of 72 wins and 10 losses.
The framework of the Bulls included an all-star line-up of Michael "Air up There" "Its a Bird, No Plane" "23,45,23" Sir/His Airness" Jordan (which is the best player/athlete in any sport). Then you had Scottie "The Man" Mr. 33" "The REAL Mail Man" Pippen, Steve "Burner" Dagger Right Between the Eyes" Kerr, Dennis "The Man not Women" "Tie Dye" "Hustle Head" Robman, Ron "The Arsenal" Harper, Luc "The Duke" Longley, and other major players such as Toni "the Big Guy" Kukoc and Bill "The Center" Wennington.
The clockwork is the era known as the UntouchaBULLs. This area lasted from 1990 to 1998 (hopefully should be starting up again in the 2006 -2007 season)
I almost forget the coach for the Bulls was non other than Phil "Blessed with Talent" "Somebody had to put it Together"Jackson, and Benny the Bull.

Some Pictures Of The Chicago Bulls
Mike Jordan.jpg Pippen.jpg Jackson.jpg mascot1.gif Dennis Rodman.gif Kerr.jpg


Ahh, mike. i was goin to do MJ and the Bulls too. But good job. And nice pic of MJ in the AJI's from his rookie year. Go Bulls.