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November 28, 2006


As I read Neil Postman "Technopoly", I couldn't help to agree with him. He believe that technology is tearing a culture and nature apart. He believe that our culture is controlled by both invisible and visible technology. Invisible technology are the things that control our society without physical mass. For example, stats, polls, ACT/SAT scores, are just a few ideas of invisible technology. Visible technology is more of the computers, Ipods, cars, and cellphones.
He goes on to describe technology as "progress without limits", hinting on the fact that technology will never end. This is held true by the constant improvements on the improvements. At first CD players were the new cassette players, and in 3 maybe 4 short years IPOD took over. We were satisfied with old-fashioned VHS players, we had to get DVD players.(DVD players are now getting replace by a new type of movie player UMD)
Every time I think about technology and nature, I think of I, ROBOT. Mainly because the ambition to improve everything almost wiped out the human race. When you think about it, that is what "they" want. If "we" human aren't perfect wouldn't improving everything, lead to our on extinction.
Culture and tradition is no longer emphasized. What happen to going fishing, flying kites, and sports. Now all we have is production, video games, and stats. Nature is constantly being changed and improved. Why? Lakes, forests, and parks are suppose to here to take care of "us" and shelter "us" What will happen when there are no more trees and rivers. Nothing "WE" will die.


November 7, 2006


In this weeks blog prompt, I going to expound on a oppsition that I think affects every society in one way or another. Water. In every aspect of life water is there. Lakes, Oceans, River, and plain of drinking H20. Water is powerful, beautiful, and innocent. It can be admired like the Mississippi River or cause chaos like Katrina.
Since water is inevitable there are many conflicts with it. For example, designers often use creative ways to bouild around or fort up water. However the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, which is the only 7 star hotel in the world, creatively responses to water by building on top of the water.
Facts about the Burj Al Arab
-Just to walk through the gates costs 75 dollars.
-Boasts a fleet of 10 Rolls-Royce cars, and 202 luxury suites complimented by 6 bars and restaurants
-Helicopotor Pad
-Costs To many Zeros!!!!!!!!

Some Pictures of this Beautiful Hotel