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As I read Where I Lived and What I Lived For, I believed Thoreau chose the woods to conduct his experiment because of the isolated nature this setting held. For the woods holds no corruption or order. The woods are a place of tranquility, in which you can live life unexpected. Here Thoreau could live deliberately and learn the purpose of life. Compared to the woods the village was corrupt with ideas and thoughts of what life holds. For the village holds stereotypes and expectations of men. These expectations or guidelines bound individuality and might differ completely from the overall meaning of life.
By retreating to the woods, Thoreau allowed himself to live without the influence of others. He allows himself to receive the most of life, because he is not held back by others thoughts. In the woods Thoreau was not restrained from sucking the marrow out of life. Thoreau was not satisfied by the teachings of man but wanted to know the meaning of life beyond man. Nature is unpredictable and it allows you to understand life the way it was meant. Instead of living life the way man intended, nature reduces life to the lowest terms and not take life for granted. Thoreau lived life in the moment and believed it was a waste to life in a hurry. He didn’t believe in routines and daily spectacles. Living in the woods allowed Thoreau to live deliberately and understand the meaning of life.


there is a somewhat budhist touch to your comments that i like. you seem prupose that he may have been less just leaving society and more going out into the woods.

i liked your response, but could you indicate Thoreau's direct quotes?