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This week I read to interesting articles about environmentalism, science, and religion. The first was a speech by Michael Criction called “Environmentalism as Religion.� In this speech the speaker had many central points about environmentalism and how its based on religion. Criction believe that as humans we tend to live in fantasy and not reality. He backed his conclusion with observations and historical events. For example I remember him talking about the world never being perfect because of the numerous of wars in the past. Criction thought that the whole idea of environmentalism was a belief backed by nothing but people conclusion and no hard on evidence.
The other article I read was entitled, “ A Gospel According to the Earth� was similar to that of “Environmentalism as Religion,� because it also talked about environmentalism and how its based on religion instead of science and facts. When I read this article I felt as though the reader was sarcastic talking about religious topics. For example, the author talk strongly about Noah’s Ark and how it didn’t really happen. This article seem to lend toward having factual proof and scientific back up.