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Digital Focus

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For my digital focus I want to use my photography and transfer photos onto different surfaces. I want to take photos from all around Duluth, then pick something up where the photo was taken to transfer the digital image onto. If there is nothing to pick up at the site I could just find it somewhere else. For example take a photo at Brighton Beach, then transfer the image onto a piece of drift wood or a rock.

Final submission

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Copy Wrong

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Image from the Tweed Collection

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For the next assignment I'm choosing the image.
Image Name- Construction #4
Artist Name- Ralston Crawford
Why I Chose This Image- I chose this image because i like the geometric shapes, and
i want to use it with some of my photographs. I have a number of photos of buildings,
bridges, old structures, etc. and thought the geometric shapes in the image could
compliment some of the structures i have shot.


About Me

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I am a 3rd year Graphic Design major. I am in this class because I want to
take as many classes that have to do with digital editing/technology as I can
in my time at UMD.

Winter Remix Project

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The first project in digital studio II, we created an image bank for everyone
to pull from. With those images we made digital remixes of the images.
We made ten different remixed images using a number of photos from the
image bank.


Here is a link to a photo gallery.


Here is a rough idea for an installation. Could be anywhere.
From straight on the image would looked extremely stretched.
When viewed from an angle it would look normal.
The others in my group came up with some other ideas.
One of which is taking an image and cutting it up to make three
layers for a display case. I wanted to see if I could distort an
image so it looks really stretched from the front but normal from
an angle. An illusion, like we originally wanted to do.


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