Critique 1


For my digital focus I am taking photos of recognizable Duluth. In the photos are found objects, they can relate to the photo or not, that i will transfer the images onto using mod podge.



I really like this idea. I like the way the images are turning out with the mod podge. The black and white with a some what distorted look, looks very historic in a way and i think makes the images and pieces even stronger.

I really like how the image turned out on the metal piece. I think that with more practice they will keep working out better than your first few. The pictures that you have been taking are really beautiful and I like the lighting and how the colors seem to pop.

Tom, I think you have a great start to this project. One thing that I thought about was, how your end result is going to turn out? Are you just going to have all these found objects with the image transfered onto it, or will you have some sort of display that will show them off in a special way.

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