Final Reflection

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Photography/tactile media/image transferring.
Camera, Mod Podge, Laser tran, found objects
6 pieces ranging in size from 6in by 6 in to 1 1/2ft by 1 1/2ft.
1 book documenting the project.
My theme is transferring images of Duluth onto found objects near where the photos were taken. So the final products are Duluth on Duluth.
For the final result I found that not all of the objects would show the photos, a lot of detail was lost. When this happened I either tried adding more layers or just switching to laser tran. In the end I wish I would have tried the laser tran earlier and experimented with it more. 4 of the final pieces were made using mod podge but 2 were laser tran. The 2 that are laser tran really stick out and I wish I could have done them all the same.
Overall I think they turned out fairly well for my first time trying these transfer methods, but again wish I could have transferred them in the same way.
For display purposes I made a simple book that people could look at while viewing the individual pieces. The book shows the object with the image transferred onto it and the original photo.
If I were to continue this project I would go back to using only mod podge. When I would go to take photos I would look for objects that I know would show the most detail after the image has been transferred, lighter colored objects work much better than dark objects. I would probably go back and reshoot some of the photos so I could get better lighting and take photos of many more places.

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