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Visual Research

I found the international coexistence project website and Bruce Mau design both gave me some inspiration for this project. I really like the Bruce Mau design website because it has so much on it.
One poster i liked from the coexistence site is the one of the different colored beans.

Color theory

I found the reading to be something very helpful. I never realized how many meanings colors have. I learned about colors and the color wheel in 2-D design but we never really got into all the meanings they have. I think now when i create designs i will put a lot more thought into my choices of colors.

What inspires me


I would say my brothers websites inspire me because he didn't take any classes in web design. He is a self taught photographer and builds and designs his own websites. I figure if he can figure out on his own how to do these things successfully, i will be able to do much more when i'm finished with school.

problem solved

Doing something out of the ordinary is good if it works. This is what i got out of the reading. The minimum invasive heart surgery book is a great example, there are actual holes drilled in the paper. The small holes aren't need but help with the understanding of minimum invasive. Another example i liked was printed with a folded corner. The corner was still there but the illusion fooled people into think the corner was actually folded over.

What i want to learn

I want to learn more web design. I've learned a little on my own and some with the help from my brother but there is so much more i could learn.

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