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rough drafts

Anatomy reading

I like how the first poster and how it used so many recognizable aspects in the design.
The play off of the ipod commercials really grabs the viewers attention, while the pose
of the Abu Ghraib prisoner refers to the cruelty toward the prisoners.

interational design

Swiss design that i found was mainly on google images, but what i found relied mainly on type and the grid. Not like U.S. design that has alot of imagery and sometimes more elaborated fonts. I like Swiss design because it seems very simple but very well designed.


Comparing Western posters to Iranian posters.- When put next to each other they look similar, but western posters lack relation to our society.
An Iranian work may be inspired by Iranian traditional culture, but the outlook is western.
Before the 60's designs relied heavily on drawing or illustrating, a graphic designer was also called an advertising painter.
During the 60's photography came more into use for designs.
During the 70's coloring type printing started to come in use.
The 80's were considered a turning point. Personal Computers started to come into use.

Charity work

What i got from the reading is that when the designer isn't getting paid, or doing charity work, that's when they do better work. They find ways to create a great design for little cost, like the four months worth of posters for the Zeebelt festival. Studio Dunbar did this by printing one four color example, then overprinting each month's information.

Veerles bolg

I really like this website because of all the categories you can get help in. You can get help with css, photoshop, illustrator, or help with different operating systems.

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