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Day #3

Today i slept in because the only class i had was canceled. I got up and had something to eat and watched some tv. I found my self playing guitar again today. I've decided i'm going to make icons that have to do with music or musical instruments since it's something that is part of my everyday. I am now hanging out with some friends watching some playoff hockey.

Day #2

Today i woke up and ate some breakfast and got ready for my day. I had to work at noon, and i had to turn a final project in for history of graphic design. I didn't go to class today because i wasn't feeling very good at all. I got home and worked on making some icons for GD1 and thought about what i would do for another one of my design classes project. I made some supper and watched some hockey before i had to go to work. I really wanted to go do take some photos today but the rain kept me from going out.

Day #1

Today i woke up and got ready for school. I drove to school and turned in an assignment that was due. When i got home i made a sandwich and watched some tv. I find my self not intending to but picking up and playing my guitar at least once each day and playing for a while. I went with a few friends and we looked at a house to possibly rent for next year. Then we went over to a friends house and hung for a while before i had to go to work at 8, and when i got back home i just relaxed and watched some more tv before going to bed.

Museum project 3

Ch 2 and 3 readings

In Ch. 2 i really like the statement by Dieter Rams. "To me good design means as little design as possible. Simple is better than complicated. Quiet is better then loud. Unobtrusive is better than exciting. Small is better than large. Light is better than heavy. Plain is better than coloured. Harmony is better than divergency. Being well balanced is better than being exalted. Continuity is better than change. Sparse is better than profuse. Neutral is better than aggressive. The obvious is better than aggressive. The obvious is better than that which must be sought. Few elements are better than many. A system is better than single elements." I feel the same way about his statement. I like simple clean designs much better than cramped busy designs.

For the Ch. 3 reading I had never heard of deciding column spacing by making them between 1.5 and 2 times the width of the entire lower case alphabet of the font you are using.

Mood board/ illustrative style

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