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Final Project

Day #8

Today i woke up earlier than usual. I went to class and worked on some projects for those classes. I came home and watched a little tv while working on those projects. Then i learned another song on guitar, and now i have to go to work.

Day #7

I slept in because i didn't have to be to class til four this day. Went to class, worked on this project in class for a while and then for a while at home. Then i learned another song on guitar.

Day #6

Today i woke up and really didn't feel good so i slept in and missed my two classes for the day. I started feeling better so i ate then learned a new song on guitar. Watched some more hockey and have to go to work from 10 to midnight.

Day #5

I slept in and then got up and watched some hockey on tv and played some guitar again.
I've been working on a new style of playing and have gotten it down pretty decent. I worked on some more homework and went to work from 8 to midnight.

Day #4

I woke up and ate some breakfast. I watched some more playoff hockey in the morning and then went and took some photos down at the ledges by the boardwalk. I came home and had some lunch and edited some of my photos i took. I played guitar again for a while and learned goodbye blue sky by pink floyd. I went and bought some groceries and came home and watched another playoff hockey game. Then played some more guitar, did some homework and went to bed.

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