September 21, 2006

I am special

Grace is the star of the day in Sep 21, 2006! Mrs Friendt gave her a folder to work on. Mom and Grace picked three pictures together and cut them to fit the folder and list out of her special things...

Famiy: Fei, Jane and Sam.
Best Friends: Wendy and Vivian
Favorite Color: Pink and Purple.
Favorite Books: Green eggs and hams by Dr. Suess,
Sam and Firefly, Are you my mother by P.D. Eastman
The Three Little Pigs, we both read book.
Favorite TV Channel: Nick Jr.
Favorite Movie: Care Bears
Favorite Sports: Swimming
Big News: Back to China to grandparents' family

Grace also pointed out that she loves Turtle Lake very much. It is the best school ever! As a mom, that is the most beautiful things to hear!

July 23, 2006

I have a great day with my friend, Vivian!

I like to play with Vivian Hide & Seek. And I like to color with Vivian. My mom helped me and Vivian cook dinner. And sometimes me and Vivian go to the library together. Sometimes my little brother come with us. And Vivian and me together to dance at dance class. I love to dance ballet. I have tap shoes and ballet shoes. Every Friday, Vivian wants to sleep over in my house.

July 21, 2006


As a mom with two kids, I am regretful that I did not do enough for them. I should have their foot prints saved somewhere for me, for them and for all who love them. Days went by fast before I realized. I got to do something right now.

Thanks the blog that I could make my little dream true. From now on, this would be another wonderful world with my lovely daughter -- Grace. I believe she would be very excited too.

The initial purpose of this blog is to record the books Grace read. She turned to five this June. But she already started reading and already could read by herself! Isn't it amazing? But with Grace's participant, she might come out more fun things here...