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Apply template in .net applications

Want to let your pages have identical look? Yah, why not? But how?

My first attempt is to use web user controls at top, bottom and also having one for side menu. It works! My customers like my design. So what's wrong I have to look for another alternative?

The problem with this implementation is I have to register all the user controls in every aspx pages and create properate tags for each of them. When you have many pages in your application, you could image how bothering this could be! Plus this is costly for future maintenance.

I got to find another way to do this, I told myself. And I diving into my R&D world. Finally I find one which is easy to implement and easy to apply. I am so excited!!!!

Here is the way. You implement a master page with all fancy looks you want, header, footer, side menus. And then all other page inherit it instead of Page. That's it! Sound easy? Yes. I do satisified with this one.