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Build dynamic controls upon administrors configuration

I've been working on an application which have event date time on all pages. This of course should be changed every year. And the allowance for each event might be different year to year too. As a support person, I am just tired of these tedious things. I'd rather build a new one for them.

In the new system, the admin would have the ability to configure the application by himself. This would include date and time of the events, how many teams are allowed for each school and how many members for each team. And the cool thing is all the other public registration pages and reports would be changed immediately. I don't need to go through all of them and change one by one. I don't need to worry about that I still might forget some which are supposed to be changed even though I've been tried hard. You know what? Relief!!! That's what I feel right now even though there is still a long way to finish all my coding. But I already pass the most hard part. Yeah!