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So yesterday was not a good morning. I did not hear my alarm (or else I heard it and turned it off in my sleep) and I did not hear my host family getting ready, so I didn´t wake up till 12. Therefore I completely missed my first class, and they called Carmen to see where I was! So embarrasing, but oh well it´s just one class. For my evening class I had a group presentation about the Spanish family. I talked about children being more independant now as far as job choosing goes. In the past in was inevitable that a son would continue the profession of his father, but now people go to school and chose what they want to do. Also, we discussed the "Only Child" phenomenon here in Spain. Women here wait till they´re over 30 years old to have kids, and when they do, they only have one. Some psychiatrists think that because of this, Spanish society is loosing the feeling of brotherhood and solidarity. That could be true, but I think that kids are just more spoiled here. They are like little dictators. It´s interesting to see.
I had to translate an article today about wind energy costs from English to Spanish. It was pretty hard because there were a lot of technical terms and phrases that don´t exist in Spanish. For example, "wind farm performance" and "component parts." I finished it though and thought it was pretty good. I have a ton of homework to do today, including coming up with a skit about Spanish families between 1990 adn 2000. That should be interesting. I also have to come up with a lesson plan for teaching English. I am teaching my intercambio student English, and it is harder than it seems, because you don´t think about grammar when you´re speaking your native language, you just speak it. So I have to go online and review a bunch of grammar rules.   

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Hi Sarah,

I have been loving to read about your stay in
Spain. I also LOVED Barcelona--many years ago! :) Keep sending those messages and
enjoy every minute of your, once in a lifetime
trip!! See you in August!!! Love, Auntie Linda

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