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UMPD To Fine Cyclists Crossing Washington Avenue Bridge

Beginning Monday, September 15, University of Minnesota Police will begin to fine cyclists $80 who choose not to dismount before crossing the bridge.

The county closed the outer portions of the pedestrian level connecting the East and West Banks campuses just before school started after examining for the proposed light rail.

The Minnesota Daily reported that University Services has been working directly with UMPD to minimize heavy congestion on the bridge and maintain a safe space for both pedestrians and cyclists to use the 14-foot-wide path made available to the public.

However, after an injury Tuesday night and continuous difficulty for pedestrians to make way for those who choose to ride their bikes rather dismount and walk, the University has decided to fine cyclists for not complying with the University's requests.

"When they ride their bike, you have to basically move over to let them go through. It's kind of difficult because you're not knowing if they're coming or if they're walking it," said student Tim Horton for WCCO.

Mike Bryan , who biked across the bridge Thursday, told the MN Daily it was inconvenient to have to walk his bike.
“I don’t understand why [the bridge] needs to be closed for so long,? he said.

Police Chief Greg Hestness expects the portion of the bridge to remain closed throughout the rest of the school year.