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China Enacts Land-Use Reform

The New York Times Reported Sunday that the ruling Communist Party of China announced its new rural reform policy that allows farmers to lease or transfer land-use rights for the first time.

“The new measures adopted are seen by economists as a major breakthrough in land reforms initiated by late leader Deng Xiaoping 30 years ago,? reported Xinhua, the country's official news agency.

The new policy allows farmers to sell, swap, subcontract, or lease their land-use rights whereas the current system assigns land to the farmers. This new reform will allow room for more productivity and efficiency that could increase output.

The Times reported critics have warned changing the current system could threaten the security of having a piece of land and possibly lead to millions of landless farmers. However, corruption has filtered into the current arrangement as local officials and developers have illegally seized farmland for urban expansion while paying minimal compensation to farmers.