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Drug Charges Dropped, Man Free From Jail

A Shakopee man who spent two months in jail after being charged with drug possession has been cleared after drug tests revealed the white powder was deodorant, not cocaine, the Associated Press reported.

31-year-old Cornelius Salonis was arrested early August for drunken driving when the police found white powder hidden in a deodorant container. The police were mistaken in the possibility of the powder logically being in the container and prosecutors dismissed the felony drug charges.

The Mankato Free Press reported a field test showed the substance, found in a deodorant container, was cocaine, said Richard Hillesheim, Salonis’ attorney. Results from a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension test returned late last month, showed there were no illegal substances in the powder.

Salonis was released from jail after two months for his DUI charge.

** The Mankato Free Press wrote the article with a humorous and relaxed tone while the AP article, taken from WCCO, was serious and reported the facts without playing on the silly factor of the powder being deodorant.**