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Lakeville girl, 16, to stand in court for man's beating

The Star Tribune reported Wednesday a 16-year-old girl from Lakeville will stand trial for charges on 10 counts including kidnapping and aggrevated assault of a 24-year-old disabled man.

Natasha Dahn will remain in jail until her Nov. 20 hearing without bail Judge Michael J. Maye announced. It is yet to be decided if she will be tried as an adult for her alleged role in the beating of Justin Hamilton.

An article from the Pioneer Press reported three Lakeville men were accused of using a 16-year-old girl to lure Justin Hamilton from his Lakeville home to savagely beat him. Hamilton was kicked, beaten and tortured for hours on Oct. 10 and abducted the following night.

The three men were of the National Guard and will be heard in court on Dec. 5 on the same charges as Dahn will face.