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Senate Seat Still TBD

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is looking for anyone that can count, including you, to make history by volunteering for the Minnesota Senate recount, reported the Star Tribune.

With a 206 vote difference between incumbent Norm Coleman and Al Franken, the election is becoming reminiscent of the2000 presidential election hinged on Florida's recount. There is more at stake than just the Minnesota seat too.

"At stake is the possibility of Democrats securing a filibuster-proof 60 U.S. Senate seats, if still-unresolved races in Alaska and Georgia also go the party's way," reported the Strib.

Governor Tim Pawlenty told WCCO he is certain Minnesota will maintain its history of transparent, fair, accurate and legal elections.

The Star Tribune followed this story with an article announcing Al Fraken is seeking the names of rejected voters. A lawsuit has been filed against Ramsey County by Fraken's campaign in hopes of finding the rejected absentee voters.