Burnsville Subway robbed using lost police Taser

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Three Apple Valley men robbed a Subway restaurant on Jan. 21 in Burnsville using a misplaced Taser that belongs to the Burnsville Police Department, news sources report.

Police say that Jesus Ybarra, Jake Benson, and Shawn Rumble entered the Subway through a back door opened from the restaurant's interior by another suspect, Emily Schuster. Once inside, the men threatened an employee with a Taser and took money from the cash register and two safes, the Pioneer Press reported.

According to the Pioneer Press, Benson acted violently and threateningly toward store managers upon being fired from the same Subway three days prior to the crime.

The Star Tribune reports that a member of the Dakota County Drug Task Force left the Taser used in the robbery at the scene of a drug search of a residence on Dec. 5. Before identifying the weapon at the Subway robbery, Burnsville Police were unaware that the Taser was missing.

The article by the Pioneer Press regarding this crime notes that Police found Ybarra's wallet at the residence searched on Dec. 5, although he does not own the home.

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