Analysis: "America's deadliest sniper" shot by veteran

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By Kiera Janzen
In the ABC News article, "Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle killed at shooting range; suspect arrested", the author begins with a straightforward news lead that summarizes three of the four of the main W's (who, what, and where).

The lead describes the most recent action, that a man was arrested on the charge of killing Chris Kyle and another man, in a general manner. The details of how the murders occurred, who the arrested man is, and what exactly he is charged with are left out of this first sentence. These details are not necessarily important for the author to include in the lead, because they are outlined later in the story and are not crucial for drawing readers in and summarizing the news event.

Some details regarding one of the victims, Chris Kyle, are included in the lead because Kyle is a fairly recognizable figure in the United States. The author also mentions the location of the gun range, but does not include its name. Besides the news value of prominence, conflict and emotions are important to this lead and this story as a whole.

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